March 2020 for Aussies

 March 2020 for Aussies 


With the advent of the 20th year of the 3rd millennium, nations around the globe have witnessed economic and geopolitical downturns due to the unprecedented growth of Coronavirus. This contagious disease spread across the geography of Wuhan city in China and has a catastrophic impact on human society in different parts of the world. Despite being an isolated nation, Australia could not prevent its people and economy from the impact of the noble virus. This Commonwealth nation too underwent and is still undergoing tough times fighting against one of the biggest enemies mankind has ever witnessed.

Although Coronavirus (COVID-19) originated in late 2019 in China, this pandemic started affecting the lives of Australians from March 2020 when the government announced lockdown of public places, offices and urged people to stay at home in order to facilitate social distancing. In a scenario when the cure of COVID-19 is still under the research phase“quarantine” is the most effective option for human society to mitigate the spread of the same. The life of Aussies changed dramatically from mid of March 2020. Panic buying drastically affected the supply and demand cycle which eventually resulted in a shortage of numerous goods in the stores. The supply chain of basic household goods like tissue papers, toilet papers, vinegar, handwash, and hand sanitizers were affected the most. The hospitality and aviation industry was negatively affected. 

Shopping malls were deserted and numerous shops were closed due to a shortage of customer and lockdown rules. The impact of the virus put the life of people on hold. Many small scale business owners shut their businesses and they became dependent on the government fund for their livelihood. Many casual workers became jobless.  Overseas students in Australia were and are affected drastically. The statewide and nationwide lockdown created a dramatic irony for overseas students due to the fact that they can neither go to their home country nor they could survive without sufficient income in Australia. 

The COVID -19 the situation raised a few questions which the Australians are struggling to address. Should they concern about their health? Should they manage the stocks of the toilet paper? and or Should they manage their financial position? With the surging number of coronavirus cases since March and the lockdown of public life, these questions are going to impact the wellbeing of Aussies at least for a couple of more months. Although the lockdown has severely impacted the normal life of Australians, however, it should not be denied, had it not been for the strict lockdown imposed by the Australian government the impact of COVID-19 could have been more fatal.

By Divya Shekhar