Did Indian Government mistime the corona-lockdown[Opinion]?

Image Source: Google Search
On March 24th 2020, Government of India announced a nation-wide lockdown which led to the suspension of almost all day-to-day business and activities in the country. This was a really wise and essential move and definitely prevented India from moving into phase-3 or community-spread of the disease.
Now, even after 1 and a half month into the lockdown we are seeing around ~3000 new Covid-19 cases everyday. These numbers made me wonder, whether India fired it's most powerful weapon against Corona way too early and hastily? Let me point out the reasons behind this feeling of mine

  • The curve was not increasing at an alarming rate on March 24th when the lockdown was announced(see graph below).
  • Image taken from wikipedia shows that the curve started increasing only in April.

  • Thus clearly a buffer period of around a week could have been given to all the people to return to their homes etc before starting the lockdown. This would definitely have helped avoid the migrant labour(as well as other stranded citizens abroad) problem we are witnessing today.
  • Starting from the month of May the increase in the number of cases has been sharp. Since we been in lockdown for so long, our businesses have been severely hit and continuation of a strict lockdown may lead to great economic disaster. On the other hand the sharp increase in the number of cases recently demands for a lockdown more than ever before. 
Image Source: wikipedia. Shows daily increase in Covid-19 cases in India.