Govt Plans to Begin Home Delivery of Petrol, CNG

The government is aiming to start home delivery of petrol and CNG for the convenience of customers.The report stated that the government is looking at disclosing a new fuel retailing model where all types of fuels- petrol, diesel, CNG, LNG and LPG would be available at one place.

Speaking at a function to inaugurate 56 new CNG stations in 11 states,Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan stated that the government has already started mobile dispensers for diesel. It "would like to expand the same for petrol and LNG," an official statement quoted him as saying. "Pradhan stated that people would be able to get the home delivery of the fuel in future."
The government, he stated, is working on energy efficiency, affordability, security and accessibility.He envisioned that soon, the customers will have to go to only one place, where all types of fuels -petrol, diesel, CNG, LNG and LPG will be made available.

"Lauding the efforts of all the stakeholders in the expansion of the gas network in the country, Pradhan said that 72 per cent population of the country will soon be covered through the City Gas Distribution (CGD) network, with spread over 53 per cent of the geographical area," the statement stated.


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