Lockdown 4.0 : Important Guidelines to follow

Lockdown 4.0 will continue to accompany Lockdown 3.0 in terms of its restrictions, however, relaxation will be a bit different as they depend upon how the result of Lockdown 3.0 are.Zone distribution, opening of the shops in standalone buildings, time varies for the shops were mostly the relaxation and restrictions introduced in Lockdown 3.0. These relaxations boosted confidence of people and they cooperated with the Lockdown very properly.However, the same will be imposed during Lockdown 4.0, but with little relaxation. Now, the result of Lockdown 3.0 will be checked within 1~3 days and  thus, depending on those results new restrictions and relaxation will be based…
Thus, Lockdown 4.0 is just a sequel to previous Lockdown, with new rules and regulations.

The freedom of doing professional works with suggestions and law. Because India wants to work on their economy. Our prime minister wants to tell you for self awareness and self protection. Because the COVID-19 is not lasting in months. It's taken some time, but the economy doesn't give you time to overcome from COVID-19 and then start again.So I think Indian government wants to push their economy and trying to start corporate sector with some guidelines.We have to start working with COVID and self protection is helpful for everyone. For some years COVID is going to be the part of our life.

Centre's guidelines are largely in line with the proposal sent by Delhi govt based on suggestions of lakhs of Delhiites. We have used the lockdown period to prepare our healthcare system if Corona cases increase, but it is now time to relax the restrictions to some extent," Kejriwal tweeted on Sunday soon after the new guidelines were issued by the Centre.
He further stated, "Delhi govt will prepare the detailed plan for Delhi based on the Centre's guidelines and announce it tomorrow."

Further guidelines from other states will be issued today.

By Aakash Ranjan