MAKE IN INDIA: First WAG12B loco departed.

The much-awaited WAG-12 locomotive has been commissioned into revenue service by the Indian Railways. A long-haul train was worked by this locomotive in Mughalsarai division. The locomotive has been allocated a block of road numbers starting from 60000 onwards.

features of the new WAG12:

  1. Two units (A and B) permanently coupled to each other. Both units only have cabs on the outward-facing ends.
  2. Both units will be controlled from the working cab.
  3. While both units will be provided with one pantograph each. However, only one pantograph will be raised at a time and will feed power to both the units through a high-tension overhead link.
  4. Both units have been provided with a toilet for the crew.
  5. The units are connected to each other through a vestibule and gangway.
  6. A major departure from existing designs of locomotives is that high voltage apparatus like the vacuum circuit breaker is now inside the body of the locomotive in a special cubicle. The roof of the locomotive is almost empty except for the pantograph.
  7. This locomotive has a larger wheel diameter, compared to other freight locomotives in service on the IR.
  8. This locomotive also features the much-awaited ‘Brake Blending’ facility. If regenerative braking (AKA electric or Electro-Dynamic brake) is applied and found insufficient, a proportionate quantum of the pneumatic brake is applied simultaneously by the locomotive.
  9. To improve reliability, almost all hardware switches and controls are replicated on the DDU (Driver Display Unit). Thus, several functions can also be controlled using ‘Soft Keys’.
  10. A dehumidifier for air intake ensures that only dry air is used for cooling and ventilation systems. This will improve equipment life and insulation.
  11. An automatic flap system regulates the entry of air into the locomotive’s ventilation system and ensures uniform flow in various conditions.
  12. Tube drive equipped with self-aligning roller bearings for better suspension.
Railway Minister Piyush Goyal stated that "Make in India Powers Railway Manufacturing: 12,000 horsepower Locomotive Engine, built in Madhepura, Bihar departed from Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Station in UP‬
‪The powerful & fast electric loco will cut down emission & operating cost & revolutionize freight movement in India."