Thousands of Chinese Graduates Might Be Thrown Out of US

Image Source: wikipedia

The United States will take action to prevent alleged spying by Chinese students, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated this Thursday, ahead of an expected announcement by President Donald Trump.Donald Trump earlier stated that he will hold a press conference on  Friday about China amid soaring tensions between the two powers,including the status of Hong Kong and the novel coronavirus pandemic.

When asked about a report in The New York Times that Donald Trump was considering throwing out thousands of graduate students, Pompeo stated that Chinese students "shouldn't be here in our schools spying."

"We know we have this challenge. President Trump, I am confident, is going to take that on," Pompeo told Fox News, Meanwhile declining to state if an action would be announced on Friday."We have an obligation -- a duty -- to make sure that students that are coming here to study... aren't acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party," Pompeo stated.

"This isn't a red scare, this isn't racist. Chinese people are a great people," Pompeo stated when asked about the concerns.
"This is like the days of the Soviet Union. This is a communist, tyrannical regime that poses real risk to the United States," he stated.
Donald Trump, in remarks to reporters, declined to preview the press conference on Friday but said, "We're not happy with China."