Virat Kohli: I Don't Relate to Fame and Too Much Attention

"I don't relate to fame and too much attention"stated Virat Kohli,India captain Virat Kohli is often regarded as the modern-day great. The high-end Indian batsman is the among the only two batsmen to be ranked in top-10 ICC rankings of all three formats currently.Virat Kohli is no. 1 in the ODI, 2nd in Test and 10th in the T20I rankings. 

While on a live Instagram session with India's Test specialist Ravichandran Ashwin, Kohli said fame doesn't affect him much."I love this sport and the opportunity to do something that can inspire people. Playing for your country is the biggest honour for any sportsperson," he said on talks with Ashwin.

"Having said that, if someone told me would you like to give all your fame, I would give it just like that. Because over a period of time you realise that, you are doing what is important, but you also need to be a normal person at the end of the day," he stated

"I think a part of it is that these things were not part of our lives growing up. We did not grow up with social media constantly in our lives so if we want to do it, we can easily get off social media if we like. Which might be very difficult for people who are growing up today. It's a different time in our lives and yes, I would say just take it all away from me." he further said.