7 reasons why we should or should not aggress China


  1. Lives of our soldiers: Arguing that a soldier's life at war is collateral is stupid every life counts and so does our soldier’s. 
  2. Stronger army: This is not 1962 we are capable of fighting a war this time around. 
  3. China being the initial aggressor: China even in this corona crisis has clearly tried to encroach our border without any provocation. 
  4. Current political climate: Even with the WHO praising China's effort in fighting the corona virus the world is not too happy with infringement of information initially made by the Chinese communist party about the corona virus. 
  5. The economy: even though China's economy has suffered the consequences of corona virus a war at this moment for India will prove more prohibiting then beneficial even if we win. 
  6. The allies: India has a long list of friends many of whom will be willing to provide add-in alternate forms in a war against China some by aid and some by Soldier. 
  7. The nuclear threat: even though both India and China are nuclear powers and smart enough not to indulge in nuclear fighting it is a possibility this war will not only cost the two countries at war but the entire world.