One Arrested for Feeding Firecracker-Tied Flour Ball to Cow

The Himachal Pradesh Police today (6th June) arrested a person for causing injuries to a cow by feeding her a wheat flour ball tied up with firecrackers.
It caused severe injuries to cow in mouth. The incident was reported in the town of  Bilaspur on May 26th.

The brutality to the cow came into focus when a similar incident was reported in Kerala this week where a pregnant elephant munched on a pineapple filled with powerful crackers offered by a man. It exploded in her mouth and she died later after.
After the killing of elephant, images of the blown-off face of the cow went viral and people were demanding action against the accused.

Superintendent of Police Divakar Sharma stated that the firecracker exploded when the cow chewed the wheat flour ball. Wildlife officials stated it was a common practice of farmers to keep firecrackers in wheat flour balls to kill wild animals, mainly the blue bulls and wild boars, to safeguard their crops.


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