Places of Worship, Malls and Restaurants to Open in Kerala from June 9

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Easing lockdown restrictions, the Kerala government has granted reopening of shopping malls, restaurants and places of worship from 9th of june.
Nonetheless, there will be tight restrictions. Aged people (65 and above) and children (below 10 years) and pregnant women will not be allowed to enter places of worship, and only 100 persons will be allowed in at a time, regardless of the size of the worship place.
Only 15 devotees will be allowed in 100 square metre area within the shrine. The age restriction is applicable to priests also.

Some more restrictions at place of worship includes include, a ban on distribution of prasad (food and other offerings) to devotees, not giving sandalwood paste and ashes from a common plate, not using water from common water tank for cleaning hands and face, no physical contact with devotees, avoiding touching of idols and holy books, use of face masks and hand sanitizer, keeping visitors' register at the entry point and strictly banning persons with symptoms from entering the worship grounds.

Shopping malls outside containment zones will be opened on June 9, play areas and cinema screens will not be allowed to function. Restaurants also have to comply with guidelines issued by the government such as curbing the number of customers, reassuring prior bookings and online cash payments.

Is it the right time to ease the lockdown completely?