SAP Human Capital Management (HCM):Tutorial 2

In this Second SAP HCM Tutorial we are gonna look at HCM Processes and Advantages of using SAP HCM.

SAP HCM Processes

  • Organizational Management: This process is to make different people work under a common platform towards achieving a defined goal. It achieves smart Time Management and Resources at the workplace.
  • Personal Administration: This is the process through which the human resource of an organization is managed. Right from the step of recruitment through to compensation, benefits, orientation of new employee, performance-appraisal etc. Everything can be recorded and tracked through this process.
  • E-Recruitment: This process is an automated web-based recruiting process that assists HR professionals in hiring appropriate talent. It opens up innovative ways of recruitment processes in an organization.
  • Time Management: This process assists one in the processes of planning, recording and valuation of employee’s performance for a certain period of time. The impact of employee’s presence and absence in the organization is evaluated in this process.
  • Payroll: This process as the term defines is all about the pay-scale and compensations given away to employees. From salary to overtime pay, comp-off pay and compensation program, everything is calculated in this process.
  • ESS & MSS: Employee Self-Service helps employees to individually track various data of their tenure in an organization. On the other hand Management Self-Service is a vital process for the managers to create and maintain the data of employees.
  • Reporting: Reporting process allows HR team to deliver comprehensive and up to date information of all its employees. The reporting tool also enables one to track the hierarchical structure followed within the organization.

Advantages of SAP HCM

  • SAP HCM training helps one to gain better hands on using SAP HCM module. SAP HCM ERP allows one to organize a structure HR process system in a work station. Many tasks can be automated thus reducing manual work and increasing productivity. SAP HCM configuration allows one to maximize the recruitment process such as organizations can hire permanent but also on contractual, part-time workers and also daily wagers.
  • Implementing SAP HCM module doesn’t require redesigning of the entire process. SAP HCM User is flexible software and allows one to adjust the new SAP developments within the existing process e.g. Every employee has name, employee ID, designation etc., that needs to be recorded by the HR team of every organization. These data can be created and stored automatically using SAP HCM tools and ways.