Why I find the Coronavirus fear to be STUPID!

Yes you read the title correctly I find this ubiquitous Coronavirus fear to be STUPID. I could have used a mild term like `fear may be way too much` and blah! blah!.  But after seeing the governments around the world doing lockdowns whenever the cases surge I think STUPID is the appropriate term.

My Reasons for thinking this are pretty logical(which I know is very rare these days):-

  • Never before has a virus caused us to lose our jobs, have our fitness centers closed down, have our favorite malls, stores and restaurants as well as the freedom to go anywhere denied to us. 
  • This is a virus that was originated in China and can be deadly just like the Regular Flu, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Pnenominia and other health conditions if people are elderly or have some lung and respiratory problems. But isn’t that the truth for any flu or illness? 
  • Thousands of people die from the flu every year and we are not told to quite exercising, quit working, suffer from poverty and give up our nightlife, vacations and fun as sacrifice for these people. 
  • There are numerous people who say that they have had this virus last year. Yes, last year and they got over it just fine. Then in January when the world learnt from China that this disease was spreading worldwide, they started to learn about it and then locked us down in March.
  • Then the brainwashing commercials started trying to convince people that being broke, stuck at home, giving up goals, dreams and activities was the way to go. 
  • They didn’t mention the suicides and domestic violence happening as a result of people being locked up together with nowhere to go and no money. Then they started profiting by convincing people that wearing a disgusting looking mask that forces a person to breathe in their own breath and lower their own oxygen level was the answer. 
  • Yet, if that is the cure, why did stores wait until three months later to enforce this? Now that they are enforcing it, they say the numbers of cases have gone way up. Shouldn’t that tell people that masks don’t work but distancing yourself as much as possible and using hand sanitizer does? 
  • Meanwhile, businesses and China are making a killing on selling masks now. If that doesn’t sound like a scam, I don’t know what is. There is so much corruption with this virus and it is the biggest world scam there ever was. I just hope it ends soon and that we can never talk about this again. Just don’t believe the TV and media. Research articles and videos by nurses and doctors and advisors about what’s really going on. 
I can go on and on with the points but I have a `Work From Home` Office Job to do which since the lockdown has become a 24/7 affair.


  1. I am totally agree with this blog and once again we are also not in Position to think what we think about Prosperity and Luckless of Self Confidence due to the havoc created on CORONA. every thing, Every where only and only Fear and Lock down.


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