Giloy: An Ancient Life Saver

Giloy is an ancient herb bundled with a range of benefits. Popular for its properties boosting immunity, Giloy helps actively combat various pathogens. It is a very long-time part of Indian medicine. Giloy means literally 'Amrita' which is the root of immortality. The abundance of its medicinal properties has proved time and time again that Giloy is one of the most effective natural medicines.

Being an anti-pyretic in nature, Giloy can prevent recurring fever from starting up. It can also diminish the symptoms of certain deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria, swine flu etc.

Giloy helps manage the sugar level by helping with insulin production. Giloy can burn excess glucose and lower blood sugar levels, too. In this regard, Giloy works because of its hypoglycaemic effects. Indigestion is one of the most common problems we are going through. And, that can create a great deal of discomfort. You may consume half a gramme of Giloy powder with amla daily in the morning to take care of your digestive system and improve digestion. Giloy juice may also be tried with buttermilk. People who suffer from piles may also consume Giloy to get some relief in this way.

Scientifically referred to as Tinospora Cordifolia, giloy can be taken either in powder form or after boiling and soup making. You can also prepare giloy juice in the morning, and have it every day. Being rich in antioxidants, this herb will improve your immunity, and prevent common infections from occurring. Let 's know more about how that helps you stay well and healthy. 

Image source: rebootwithnature

Giloy can also be taken in form of juice at home.All you need is to take off the plant a few branches, and wash them beautifully. Now cut off the branch's outer skin with a knife before a fresher and greener portion gets to the surface. Break the branch into small pieces now, and add them to a blender. Add 1 cup of water and mix until the liquid turns orange. Now, sieve the blend out in a bottle and you're ready for your Giloy juice. 

In Ayurvedic medicine one of the three Amrit plants is Guduchi (Giloy). Amrit means nectar of gods, these are the qualities of this climber plant which it calls "Amritavalli" in Sanskrit.

In Ayurvedic literature Guduchi is well-documented. Scientific studies also evaluate and validate the insight into the beneficial properties of this medicinal herb, such as immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory , antioxidant and analgesic influence, confirms Guduchi's ayurvedic view of Rasayana and immunity boosters. 

Guduchi acts as a detoxifier and enhances the skin's texture and lustre. People with skin problems also apply the Guduchi plant oil to the areas affected. It is also popular as a skin lotion, considering that it improves skin teint and improves overall skin health.